Bedlam Werks began in a small, dirty garage in a less traveled part of Athens, GA. Travis Christopher, part-owner and manager of our fabrication shop, started building bikes as a way to hone his skill as a metal worker and channel his artistic drive by creating physical representations of kinetic, utilitarian design. In short, he wanted to build unique works of art that were valued for their craftsmanship and functionality. He did just that. We view motorcycles as not just a vehicle for travel, but an art form and a way of life. This is the basis on which this company was founded, and the reason why we offer a wide range of custom aluminum motorcycle parts, so you can transform your bike from just a way to get around, to an expression of who you are. Our original designs can be bought in stock size or they can be made specifically to fit your ride. We commission full builds for those of you who are looking for something completely unique. Bring in your project bike or we will source one for you. For more information, please fill out our Custom Parts Request Form. Like so many of you out there, we began with a dream, a bike, and some tools. We’ve now grown to include a full service shop, co-op, and showroom, but we’ll never forget where we started, and we’re here to help you reach your goals a little bit faster.