Pop Pop

Pop Pop was our first build.  We based it on a 1976 CB 550. 
We reworked the frame, built a custom steel tank and seat pan, rebuilt the engine and carbs, lightened the brake disc and drum, built a new wiring harness, and gave her a custom exhaust. All work was done in house with the exception of the paint, upholstery, and lacing the wheels.

The design of Pop Pop is inspired by the classic cafe racer. It's is now lighter and has more low end torque for faster speed off the line. Performance enhancements include a new front sprocket, wrapped exhaust, Shorai lithium iron battery, Dynatek "Dyna S Ignition System", Gazi Sport Lite rear suspension, and new front forks built with Race Tech performance springs and "Gold Valve Emulators".

We also took the time to add some modern features to the bike, including a new halogen headlight, LED blinkers and brake lights, a modern rectifier/regulator combo, and switches. 

All in all, she's a pretty sweet ride!