Grand Opening

Grand Opening IMG

It's our first week back at the shop since the opening. We have a long way to go yet, but I did take a moment to enjoy that feeling of a job well done and reflect on the positive results of our collective efforts.

DGR 2014

DGR 2014 Peter

Yesterday marked the first annual Distinguished Gentlemen's Ride in Athens, GA. Bedlam Werks participated as a three person team, along with four other riders and two of their accompanying passengers.

DGR 2014 Prelude

Less than one week until the first official Distinguished Gentleman's Ride will be held in Athens, Georgia. Bedlam Werks will be participating on Sunday, September 28th for this international event. 

Barber Prep

We are getting ready to attend the 10th Annual Barber Vintage Festival for 2014! The festival is located at the Barber Motorsports Museum in Birmingham, Alabama. 

Buckeye Superbike Races 2014

My apologies for the delay on this blog. Since we have returned to the shop there have been orders to fill, projects to finish, and we have already started preparing for Barber Vintage Festival. However, I finally managed to finish the overview of our last trip, so here it is:

Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month!

Ok, so I'm a little past due on this but May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month and I wanted to refresh your minds with some important safety tips for riders and motorists. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation has issued a public service announcement this month emphasizing the importance of visibility while riding a motorcycle.

Bedlam Werks Classses

ride to suches 011

The time has come folks. Bedlam Werks is officially starting our first round of classes!

Bedlam on Ebay

When you build bikes, you tend to be surrounded by partially assembled motorcycles at all times. Inevitably, spare parts start collecting into organized, and sometimes not-so-organized piles around your shop.


I'm writing this entry to say thank you to all the folks from Return of the Cafe Racers.

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