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You don’t meet people like Sam every day. When he began coming to the shop, the first thing everyone noticed was his friendly disposition and openness towards others. He’s been one of our most consistent members in the club.

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You can pretty much bet on him showing up every day with a smile and a story to tell. He even took time away from rewiring his newest bike build so I could interview him for this blog. He called the process ‘tedious, hard, and very important to get right.’ We’re crossing our fingers for you, Sam!

His current project is a 1981 Yamaha SR250. He bought the bike a couple of weeks ago on craigslist. Previously he was rebuilding a 1980 XT250, but was running into some trouble and having to rework the frame, so he bought this one instead. The ‘new’ bike has the same engine and is already in running condition. It worked out well because it’s helping him to complete the project in a shorter amount of time, instead of starting from bare bones. Basically, after watching everyone take off on their bikes day after day, he was getting anxious to start riding. “Patience is a virtue. If I were 20 years younger, I would have quit long ago.’ I think we can all take a lesson from Sam on this one. That statement is truly an indicator that this lifestyle is a labor of love. However in the end, after all the sweat and tears, the payoff is so much more rewarding than you could ask for.

Now, he has two engines, one which he will bore out to be higher performance (possibly a 350), and one that he can use to ride his bike right now. When one engine is rebuilt, he will switch them out and begin work on the other. That way, he will always have a working engine in the bike. He wanted to note that when he first brought in the new ride, he was very appreciative of everyone’s enthusiasm for the new build and willingness to offer advice. We’re always here to help our members build successful bikes that they can enjoy for many rides to come. Although, I think we’re the lucky ones to have him here enriching our space with his creative contributions. Thanks Sam! Can’t wait to see how it turns out.

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