Mods vs. Rockers

Rockers. Characterized by leather jackets, boots, motorcycles, pompadours, and rock and roll.
Mods. Identified by their clean cut suits, their taste for rhythm and blues, and their stylish scooters.

mods vs rockers

Both originated as a rebellious youth subculture in 1960’s Britain, competing to establish a name for themselves. Both were once considered a menace to society; hooligans that brawled their way across the south coast of England leaving only skid marks, broken glass, and bloodshed in their wake. At least, that’s the glamorized version of the story.

If you’re a fan of vintage two wheeled machines, I’m sure you’ve heard of this lasting feud that sparked the mayhemic perception of these motor-driven ‘gangs.’ These days, however, we look upon our predecessors with nostalgia, rather than fear, and a profound appreciation for their beautifully designed, self-powered vehicles that have paved the way for our favorite forms of transportation and the lifestyle we were born to love.

This weekend, Bedlam Werks will be expressing that appreciation at the 7th Mods vs. Rockers event in Cleveland, Ohio! All differences are cast aside as hundreds of scooterists and motorcyclists on their vintage rides will be welcomed to participate in the rally, bike show, raffle and ride in the spirit of mayhem. As the weekend comes to a close, our friends at Skidmark Garage will be moving the after party to their community shop for one last hoorah before we head out into the sunset and let the dust begin to settle. Brace yourselves for Bedlam, Cleveland.

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