Handbuilt Show 2016

Big things are happening for Bedlam Werks this spring! As of right now, our lead fabricator and mechanic Travis and James, are in Austin, Texas for the 2016 Handbuilt Motorcycle Show, hosted by Revival Cycles

ksmith yamaha 005

The show houses a collection of over 100 custom bikes and their builders under one roof. We were honored to be asked to feature one of our latest custom builds: A 1999 Yamaha xt600 trail bike with a single side swing arm, zx10 front end, and full custom body kit. Last year we found out about the show a little too late to prepare, but we were able to complete a brand new build to showcase for this year. It will be a long drive and a short stay, but we wouldn’t miss an opportunity like this! I have to say, once business started rolling in to the new shop, it started rolling in hard. We are so lucky to have such a hardworking and talented group to help keep things running smoothly while having a great time in the process. Thank you so much to Revival Cycles for inviting us to participate in this incredible opportunity. Check out more details at

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