Barber Vintage 2015

Barber Vintage Festival is one of our biggest events of the year, and I'm happy to say that 2015 did not disappoint! This year was our first year as a vendor in Ace Corner and our debut of two brand new Bedlam Werks bikes, a custom Yamaha XT600 and a Triumph Bonneville T100.

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It was also our first time at a show since the opening of the new shop.

We met Thursday morning before the show to finishing packing up and hit the road. James Vann and Lee LaCaille, managers of the mechanic shop, rode their bikes along with Stkr Bombd, our newest employee and videographer.

The rest of us took the trucks with all of the displays, products, bikes, and supplies. After setting up this show, and others, with only three to four people in previous years, it was awesome to have a larger crew to help out. We had new products to display, including custom tools from Mr. E Machines, handmade ceramic Bedlam Werks cups by Jessie Hyatt, shop towels, koozies, new t shirts featuring our latest full build, and Giant Loop products. Additionally, we sectioned off a lounge area so customers could relax while watching the Urias Family perform 360's in their infamous Globe of Death.

We took turns working the Ace Corner and vendor tents throughout the weekend. In Ace we had our first build, the custom Honda CB550 on display, a few t shirts for sale, and information about the new shop. Since this was a new experience for us, we kept it small and made sure to offer up more details to anyone that was interested or came by to take a closer look. I had a great time seeing all of our old friends and meeting new ones during this trip. I got the chance to meet Motolady and Steve West from Silver Piston Jewelry, who were located right next to us with Grifter USA. Motolady and I took a walk around to get some photos of the bike show at the top of the hill. We got some great shots of the bikes, as well as a couple goofy ones of us, just for fun.

Another good friend of ours, Breeann Poland, organizes Ace Corner every year. She recently started her position as Digital Marketing and Social Media Manager for Royal Enfield North America. The president and vice president of the company were there and brought along many of their beautiful machines. They conducted an interview with Bree on stage, and Stkr caught it on video. It was awesome to be able to hear some insight from these very talented and successful men, and meet them face to face! Check out the interview here.

Other appearances included Walt Siegl, Ace Cafe, Dime City Cycles, Bike Exif, Vintage Iron Club, Do the Ton, Makoto Endo, and more. Down in the vendor area, Revival Cycles was stationed nearby, and we got a first hand look at one of their custom builds.

Saturday night, Lee and I took the parade lap around the track alongside Kevin Smith, the owner of our newest build. It was pretty cool to be able to experience that first hand! Afterwards we stayed in Ace Corner for the traditional last hoorah (Saturday night after party), which was a blast. It's always a good time to catch up with people after working all day and hear some great music.

Sunday was the last day. Most people stayed up pretty late the night before and many others were heading back home, so it was somewhat slow. But we did get the chance to see a little bit of the museum and check out the off road tracks. This year was definitely the year for exploring parts of the park that I haven't seen before. Thank you Barber, for being full new adventures every year. We wouldn't be where we are today without the network of amazing people we meet at these shows, and the inspiration that comes from being surrounded by a community as passionate about this business as we are. See you in 2016! See more photos below and follow the link for video!

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